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As the fallout from Christine Holgate’s Senate Inquiry appearance continues, the societal importance of the saga has today been quantified by one of her overnight disciples in the corporate sector.

“Christine Holgate is our Rosa Parks,” explained 55-year old commercial litigation specialist and recently outed suffragette Ellie Minterson today, referencing the famous African-American civil rights activist.

“Like Edith Cowan, Malala Yousafzai and Emmeline Pankhurst before here she is blazing a trail for first-time feminists who never thought they’d ever have to experience the full-blown piggery of the patriarchy once they held such highly paid positions,'” said Minterson, a partner-in-waiting at one of the big firms in our Old City District.

Her comments come after former Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate appeared at the Senate Inquiry yesterday wearing all white in solidarity with the suffragette movement – something which sought/seeks to give women the right to vote in elections and ensure multi-millionaires aren’t subject to the sexism rife in corporate Australia.

Whilst wearing white in the fight for gender equality she explained she was a victim of bullying while also claiming she was ‘treated like a prostitute’ – a term sex workers have been consistently urging people to stop using, given the stigma it creates around women who work in the industry and the violence that comes from the dehumanizing of women in this profession, by people who think they are better than them.

“Just as Rosa refused to give up her seat on the bus during the days of formal segregation in America, Christine is creating history by refusing to just quietly take another job that pays millions in bonuses every year,” said the aspiring partner from Betoota Grove.

“As Christine said yesterday, she has been ‘treated like a prostitute'” continued the young lawyer who also seemingly doesn’t seem to see the irony of tackling gender inequality whilst insinuating that being treated like a woman who works in the sex industry is a fate worse than death.

“It’s a lightening rod for US.”

“The voices of corporate women who receive million-dollar bonuses and suddenly become feminists when the system lets them down will be heard.”

“And that’s something I think all women can relate to. Even all the povo ones who aren’t actually able to remedy awful workplace bullying and harassment in front of a federal senate inquiry when it happens to them.”


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