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The nation’s rudeboy-in-chief has conceeded he might need to apologise to Christine Holgate for the way he made her feel but he won’t be taking off his sunnies because they’re famous.

In an interview with Nine’s Tracey Grimshaw that’s due to air tonight on Imparja, Scotty Morrison appeared shirtless wearing a demin jacket on Sydney’s Bronte Beach and refused to take a step back.

“I don’t regret anything, hey?” the Prime Bloke said to Trace.

“Like yeah sure, I’ll say sorry to her but like I don’t regret doing it, so like, why should I even apologise in the first place, you know? Like, it’ll be meaningless and that. Like fuck, Trace, what do you want from me? I only want the chicks of Australia to like see the real Scott and see that I’m not a fucken derro like the media try to make me out to be like, you know?”

Tracey asked him to continue and take off his sunglasses.

“Mate, I dunno what else I can say? Like fuck I’m sorry Christine but I’m not taking off my sunnies Tracey, they’re famous, brez. Oi nah see this is what the fucken media does, like it takes control of the narrative and throws the facts out the fucken window. It’s a disgrace.”

More to come.


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