A social circle of mid-20s blokes from Betoota Heights are today at tipping point with one of their old acquaintances who really isn’t bringing much to the table in their WhatsApp group.

James 26, not particularly popular amongst mates, but has stayed in high school group chat by default, has been reportedly depending solely on gifs as a response to most jokes in a group chat – it has been confirmed.

“There was a bit of back and forth going on, a bit of a vibe ya know? And then James just dropped a gif of Bradley Cooper doing a 3 second dance and it really killed things” said a distraught Peter, an old school friend of James, who is really trying with him here.

“I felt sick looking at it, one mate even gave it the thumbs down reaction, but that only prompted him to send a gif of Will Ferrell in Elf with a sad face”

“It’s a lose-lose situation even acknowledging the shit he is polluting into what is meant to be a simple avenue for us to vent about our girlfriends and organise benders”

Theo, another half-invested member of this group chat, is worried he’s gonna be the one who snaps and has to address this awkward shit.

“I constantly lose track of conversations we are having because this moron is just interrupting my train of thought with GIFs of Britney Spears winking”

“Just today, our mate was trying to organise tickets to the football this weekend and he’s destroyed the whole planning process with another of his weird arse graphics interchange format

“I don’t know how he thought a conversation the Rabbitohs had anything to to with a GIF of a car perfectly reverse parking without one turning point”



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