As a member of the most politicised and considered minority in Australia, a devout Christian baker has today come out swinging against 61% of the nation who think his religious views should remain inside his head.

George Pellen (48) says he shouldn’t be discriminated against for choosing to discriminate against gay people, even when gay marriage is legalised, most likely by the end of the year.

“What if a gay couple walk into my bakery in heavily-concreted business park on the city’s fringe and demanded I make them a run of the mill wedding cake to celebrate the fact that they are now allowed to get married in the eyes of Australian law”

“I shouldn’t have to be forced to acknowledge someone’s legally recognised status by making them a cake”

After months of campaigning against marriage equality at his local train station and demanding his right to free speech, Col is now demanding his right to actively discriminate against people that his religion tells him to.

“It could affect my business if I choose to not bake someone a cake in exchange for money. Imagine if I denied baking a cake for a gay couple and then got abused for it”

“I’d make a cake for a gay person, sure. But not a gay couple”

“Australia voted to legalise gay marriage, not gay weddings”



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