Channel 9 have today announced a reality TV show to end them all, My Kitchen Rescue.

The program which looks to fuse all marketable qualities from the fledgling television station’s remaining contestant shows, is set to be an absolute ‘BLOCKbuster’.

The current format stipulates that former neighbours star and iconic game show coach, Delta Goodrem, will sit in a spinning chair while bogan suburban couples stand behind her and pitch their ideas for a new restaurant… That they have to build!

“We initially thought of having Scotty Cam involved” said one producer.

“But his culinary expertise is pretty much limited to catering trays and knock-off barbecues. Delta has her head around the high-life, but also a sound understanding and kindred link to the typical reality TV bogan”

“These kinds of shows are much cheaper than breakfast television, we can pay Delta whatever salary she asks for – providing it isn’t more than her male cohost”

Throughout the course of the series, Delta – as well as a handful of B-list American pop stars, will guide their ‘teams’ in renovating the ultimate restaurant, out of a defunct retail property – using only the products provided by key sponsors.

“I just can’t wait to get my hands on some DULUX paint and make a few trips to BUNNINGS” said Delta.

It is believed that at some point in 2018, Delta will also be listed as the pre-match entertainment for an NRL match.




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