Betoota’s iconic ‘Outdoor Recreational Holiday Park’ has today unveiled their daring new gender-neutral bathrooms, as board members of the 200-year-old tourism destination admit that “it’s time to acknowledge that we live in 2017”.

The new facilities are tipped to offer the exact same experience for men and women (and everything in between) without the pressures of archaic gender criteria.

“We just want people to be able lay cable without having to worry about being questioned over which gender they identify with” says campsite owner-operate and treasurer, Terry Mosely (72).

“We’ve provided a shovel and some loo paper – there’s 2100 acres to choose from. If you walk far enough into the bush no one is gonna know whether you are Arthur or Martha. And in my humble opinion, it’s none of their fucking business anyway”

Of course, the unanimous business decision has been shouted down by several religious organisations in the region, who feel that their town’s  children are at risk of becoming as confused as the local priests are about sexuality.

“It’s PC gone mad” said local No Voter, Berrick Cornardi

“What’s next, men wearing pink shirts at the pub?”

However, Mr Mosely says the idea first came to the campsite after an outdoor screening of the 1994 Australian comedy-drama The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

“That movie was a hoot, and it reminded us that sometimes blokes who like dressing as girls, or girls who used to be blokes, enjoy visiting the Outback”

“We just wanted to make sure we had the right facilities in place when a bus full of glamorous drag queens pull into town for the night”

“Hugo Weaving should have won an Oscar for that film. The ABBA soundtrack was phenomenal”




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