A Gosford-based brickies labourer has today been certified by the Australian Automobile Association for the lowest car in the world.

The wildly impractical utility vehicle, which is used for both work as well as weekend tough laps, measures at two Longbeach cigarettes stacked horizontally from the road.

Speaking to the Betoota Advocate today, Jyden Paxton (19) says literally every second dollar he’s earned since leaving school a couple years back has gone into ‘the white ghost’. “Think it’s street legal? Think again” says Jyden, before letting out an asthma cough. “The coppers hate it, but it’s technically a work ute through my uncle’s construction company so there’s different rules or some shit”

Despite the fact that this vehicle could essentially be written off by a speed bump, Jyden says he’s gotten it up to 190km coming down the range from the Pacific Motorway’s Gosford exit near Kariong. “It fucken goes” he says.

While Jyden refuses to show us what’s under the hood, incase we are actually undercovers, there appears to be no other visible notifications – a part from the lowered springs and bodykit.

That, as well as the vinyl text plastered across the back window, which associates him with a local surf gang known as the Gosford Souljahs. “GS for life” he yells, before lighting up and dart and getting into the driver’s seat. “See ya later cunts” he says.

At time of press, Jyden was seen giving her some at the lights outside Kincumber maccas, with Jay-Z’s ‘Empire State Of Mind’ playing at full volume.


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