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Aaron Webster has confirmed today that he is actually aware that he is currently attending a regional Australian university.

The 3rd year commerce student at South Betoota Polytechnic College was approached by our reporters after other students alleged that the young man may have been of the belief that he was at a tertiary education system in the United States of America.

“Yeah, I go to the Polytechnic mate,” he told our reporters.

When prodded on why he was wearing an expensive Betoota Polytechnic Varsity jacket, Webster explained that he just reckons “they look dope.”

“Varsity jackets are sweet. I like wearing them because they make me feel like a bit of a boss you know?” said the student who cites the TV Show ‘Friday Night Lights’ as a major influence upon his personality.

Elyse Costa, a fellow classmate of Webster, spoke to us earlier and said that she is of the opinion that American style ‘jock jackets’ are about as lame as items of clothing come.

“Personally, I think they reek of wannabe jock. Not actual jock, like ‘was a bit of a loser at school, but I’m reinventing myself at uni’ wannabe kind of jock,” Costa said.

After our conversation with Costa, we levelled the allegations at Webster, and he refuted them with:

“Whatever, I don’t need to justify what I wear, that’s why I came to uni man. She sounds like a loser nerd anyway.”

More to come.


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