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With Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s 30-Newspoll losing streak dominating the headlines more than any of policies he’s introduced, former Australian test cricket captain Michael Clarke has offered to step up and come out of retirement for a stint as Liberal Party leader.

“Obviously it’s a tumultuous time for Malcolm and the boys and I’m willing to step up and get the nation back onside again.”

Speaking exclusively with The Advocate Clarke hinted that his experience managing a team of 11 men and experience travelling to the half-dozen countries that care about cricket gives him the diplomacy and leadership needed to take on the top job.

“I know what it’s like to have the whole nation scrutinising you. Only difference is when I’m being watched I get 329 not out, not 30 polls down in a row.”

Although critical of the PM’s lack of public faith, Clarke maintains if given the opportunity he will continue Turnbull’s work, with the exception of appointing Michael Hussey Foreign Affairs Minister.

“I might funnel a bit more funding back into public schools. Turnbull’s dreaming if he thinks private schools churn out the best cricket players.”

More to come.


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