6 November, 2016. 12:34

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RETURNING HOME FROM her receptionist role at Hutchinson Builders, Alice Rover found her house ablaze – her mother’s twin Pekingese bitches trapped inside the laundry.

The 25-year-old heroically slipped her 50-odd kilo frame through the wall of firemen and bolted up the stairs of her parent’s double story Hawthorne Queenslander, determined to save what was most important to her.

She let her mother’s dogs burn to death, she let her father’s signed Powderfinger Sunsets Tour fedora burn. Ms Rover leapt from the second story kitchen window just as the house went up – her favourite Camilla dress tucked under her right arm.

Landing on the roof her dad’s prized 1992 EB Falcon, Rover was carefully dragged to safety by the astounded paramedics and firemen as they asked her what in the hell she was doing.

“Men won’t understand, but every girl in this city will support me 100 percent.” she said.

“The pain of losing, or even spilling wine on a Camilla dress is worse than childbirth – which is another thing every girl in this city does at least three times over a lifetime.”

The dark-haired Sagittarius denied treatment at the scene for first-degree burns and two broken fingers, saying “she had enough Mercurochrome in the medicine box to fix a gunshot wound.”

Ms Rover was also fined $250 for smoking inside the ambulance while she signed an indemnity waiver.

With additional reporting from the South-East Advertiser.


  1. I don’t know where she gets her statistics from but this girl would never allow her pets to burn to death in favour of a dress. Horrible woman .


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