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As Channel 7 works tirelessly to manufacture a magic moment in this years Winter Olympics, they’ve conceded that they’ll never be able re-create the true beauty of Steven Bradbury’s famous victory in Salt Lake City in 2002. With that in mind, Bradbury OAM, is ready to make bank again, as the ultimate gift continues to put his finances back in the black every 4 years.

As the Winter Olympics fast approaches, Bradbury has begun morning vocal exercises and is booked in to get his tips bleached tomorrow, ahead of a busy schedule of commentary, advertising and extremely well-paid corporate speaking gigs.

“With advance payments I’ve been able to fork out the extra for some of that American Crew forming cream” Bradbury declared, flicking through the Cars Guide, highlighter in hand. “Also got a close eye on a few of these newish MX5’s for when all the funds are cleared”.

Whilst taking the work seriously, Steven admitted that most of the work is really quite easy. “These corporate ones, they don’t even really care what I say, they just wanna fucking meet Steven Bradbury and get a photo” he laughed. “Free trip to Melbourne? See some shit? Get paid like a motherfucker? Fucking sign me up!”.

Followers of Bradbury’s Instagram account have been told to expect some Mayweather-style cash flashing over the next month or so.


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