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Thanks to the efforts of Izaac Stubblety-Cook this morning, it can be confirmed that the boys are on here.

This comes after 22-year-old Stubblety-Cook flew home in the 200-metre breaststroke to win Gold in a time of 2:06.38.

The ecstatic young swimmer was last for words, and could be seen hugging the pool attendant after handing him his mask for his pre-match interview, in another healthy display of emotion from our athletes.

The Olympic record come from behind swim is the boys first Gold medal in the pool, with hope that their could be a few more coming in the next little while.

The huge swim from the young man follows the heroics of our female athletes in recent days, with the nation now eyeing off a second consecutive gold rush.

“We’re on here,” said one local man watching on with hope and optimism.

“Fuck the Olympics are good.”


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