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A Sydney man who claims this virus is nothing but a mild flu has shown how brave he is by moving away from his adopted home town because of the risk it poses to his own health.

Broadcaster Alan Jones has been booted from NewsCorp’s newspapers today after the group chairman Lachlan Murdoch said his columns had transcended from plain bullshit to harmful bullshit, prompting him to act.

“Alan is getting to the point where he’s ready for 2SM or something,” said Murdoch today via telephone.

“Or another station of that ilk. An aged care home for broadcasters. It’s a shame because Alan once lorded over this country and now, because of his own actions, less and less people would be inclined to answer when he calls,”

“We wish Alan the best.”

For over a year now, Mr Jones has been routinely dismissing the dangers the Pangolin’s Wrath has on communities.

“It’s essentially harmless,” Jones said during a broadcast last week.

“The protestors are just truthseekers. They’re within their right to stand up to a government that’s trying to control them. It’s their right to protest and the public health orders in NSW are illegal,”

“It’s true because I say it is!”

The Advocate reached out to Mr Jones for comment but the polite young man that answered the phone explained that Alan was busy.

More to come.


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