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A man who calls the nation’s sharps bin home said he’s feeling a bit under the weather today.

Speaking to The Advocate this morning via telephone, inner west tradesman Zane Gengar said he’s been so down in the dumps this week, it’s started to affect his sense of taste and smell.

“It’s been really tough, these past five weeks,” he said.

“I can tell I’m getting depressed. I can’t smell or taste anything. I got a burger delivered last night and it just tasted like coins. My singles bubble buddy and I got on the chimp real hard on Monday night though, so I know it’s not the curse of the pangolin that’s got me fucked up,”

“And it might also explain why I’m so depressed. I think I have cocaine washout syndrome. Anyway, I’m going to head up to Noosa on the weekend. That should sort me right out. Bit of sun, bit of water. Might even take my single bubble buddy.”

When asked why he’s planning on going to Queensland when he’s not allowed to, he said he doesn’t trust the government or the advice they give.

“What the fuck would they know, they caused all this,” he said.

“So they can arrest me.”

Mr Gengar’s details have been forwarded to police.

More to come.


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