The Minister for Transport and Main Roads has announced today that both the inbound and outbound Gateway Bridges in Brisbane will be renamed in honour of one of the greatest Brisbane pop duos of all time.

The soon to be formerly known Sir Leo Hielscher Bridges, are set to be revamped and renamed after the two Brisbane born and raised Origliasso sisters, more commonly referred to by their stage name, The Veronicas.

Lisa and Jess Origliasso have been responsible for anthems such as Untouched, Take Me On The Floor and In My Blood, and are set to be finally immortalised in the form of some iconic pieces of Queensland Infrastructure.

Minister Mark Bailey announced the renaming of the bridges in an exclusive interview with The Betoota Advocate after the huge amount of love shown for the 18-metre statue of Bernard Fanning erected in New Farm Park.

“Look, Leo (Hielscher) was a great public servant, but Untouched, I mean, fuck me, untouched, no one was untouched by that song,” he said to our reporters.


“Such a track. And just one of many. It’s the only right that we honour them in this way,” the Minister said.

“This could be the most important thing I have done in my career. It could be my defining legacy.”\

“We’ve got Jessica Bridge going inbound and Lisa Bridge going outbound, but we hope you will join us in referring to them both as simply, The Veronicas.

“Or as I choose to refer to them, “Our Veronicas”

More to come.



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