As young parents around the nation finally get their heads around the fact that blackface is never appropriate, the 2019 Book Week festivities has gone off without a hitch.

This year’s theme is “Reading is my Secret Power” – and kids right around the country are dressing up as their favourite literary figures. Or their parents’ favourite literary figures. Or basically anyone famous, in what has increasingly turned into a hard-fought parental pageant where only the most edgy and imaginative costumes win.

While Harry Potter and Hermione Granger return as a mainstay costume, Australia’s unhealthy obsession with violent true crime podcasts and TV series has also made its way into the classrooms this week.

The Queensland Education Department has this year reported a large spike in Ted Bundy costumes, as well as Unabombers and even a few Epsteins and Prince Andrews.

There has also been reports right around the country of twin brothers being dressed as the Dawson twins from The Teacher’s Pet.

However, due to his arguably good looks and charisma, Ted Bundy soars ahead as the most popular serial killer this year.

Unfortunately female students aren’t left with as many serial-killer-themed options outside of dressing as one of the many victims of Ted Bundy, who was executed in 1989 after confessing to over 30 homicides as well as charges related to necrophilia, kidnapping and sex crimes. What a little spunk!


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