With the return of Billy Slater and Johnathan Thurston to the Maroons State Of Origin Side tonight, people of New South Wales descent living in Far North Queensland have been advised to take precautions similar to the pre-Cyclone Debbie preparations.

One Bondi man currently based in Townsville for work has been told by police to stay indoors and away from windows until he is advised otherwise by the town’s NSW liason officer contacts him with further instructions.

While jogging home from work, head-to-tie in ADIDAS active wear, the Sydney boy, who goes by the name of Evan Smythely, noticed a hostile atmosphere.

“The pubs on the main street were full of men wearing face paint and cotton jerseys”

“It looked like something out of a horror film. They were all tattooed and gluten-friendly”

After pulling into his temporary Airbnb, which is also the only terrace house north of Ascot, Evan thought he might call the authorities and ask them why people were treating him the way he treats Western Suburbs residents when they come to Bondi.

“Don’t do a thing” says Townsville police officer, constable Bruce Thaiday.

“You will receive a phone call when everything clears up”

“I cannot stress this enough. You must stay put”

Evan says while he likes to think the thirteen MMA classes he took in 2014 might hold him in good stead, he is very thankful that the police officers didn’t advise him to go to the pub for a laugh, like his work colleagues in Townsville had.

“My flight leaves in two days. I was told I should make my way to the Army base if I no longer feel safe here.


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