Pauline Hanson is reportedly researching madly into different ethnic communities within Australia that she might be able to criticse next, after running low on people to discriminate against.

This comes after her most recent comments about Australian children with autism.

Students with disabilities should be removed from mainstream classrooms because they are putting a strain on teachers and schools, One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson has told parliament.

“If there is a number of them, these children should go into a special classroom and be… given that special attention because most of the time the teachers spend so much time on them.” she said.

“I’ll get back to Muslims next weeks but for the time being, I’ve got my laser on autistic kids”

However, Hanson and her staffers are aware that if she doesn’t look towards a new demographic of Australians that most people haven’t got much to do with, she’ll be unable make enough headlines to be sitting at the back of the voter’s minds when they walk into the ballot against their will.

“I’m thinking Nepalese kitchen staff could be a good one. Why are all the good schnitzel jobs going to Nepalese people”

“Everyday Australians are sick and tired of having their schnitzels made by someone who doesn’t speak very good English”

“I could go back to Vietnamese and Chinese again, but that was so 1990s” she said.


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