22 June, 2017. 13:23

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The writing team behind the NRL’s most popular TV drama, The State of Origin, are tipped to win next year’s Gold Logie Award after last night’s theatrics in Sydney captivated audiences around the nation.

Often viewed as the last real gladiatorial sporting conquest, Origin, as it’s known locally, is repeatedly compared to Professional Wresting such as the WWE and other popular sports-based soap operas.

Queensland trailed for much of the game but a late try from Dane Gagai sealed a high-octane win for the Maroons – which is something that’s caught the eye of some legends of the craft.

Screenwriting stalwart Chris Lilley told The Advocate that he’s not really that much of a ‘sports guy’ but last night had him on the edge of his seat.

“The writing in the State of Origin has gotten much better in recent years, it was a bit one-sided for a long time and I didn’t bother watching,” he said.

“But oh-my-fucking-God! Last night was just fucked! Best screenwriting I’ve seen since Rake. Like when that guy scored the goal right at the end and won the match, my eyes rolled back in my head and slid off the couch and I legit had a seizure on the floor just from pure ecstasy. I was fucked!”

Lilley isn’t the only writing magnate who chimed in on the action.

Former presenter turned writer Noni Hazelhurst said she spat her Moscato out on the carpet when Gagai sealed the deal for the Maroons.

“It was unreal! I had wine come out through my nose. I haven’t seen anything as dramatic as State of Origin in years. Not since Paperback Hero with Hugh Jackman. Give them the Gold Logie.”




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