In a sign of panicked desperation, the federal government is today continuing with the whole ‘nobody but us can keep us safe’ national security agenda.

After embarrassing themselves by mangling some weird Relgious Discrimination Bill that even hardcore Christians weren’t that keen on, the Government is trying to convince the nation that we will be a Chinese-controlled territory if a Labor government is voted in at the next election.

Politicising ASIO’s annual threat assessment report, Defence Minister Peter Dutton said that China had; “made a decision about who they’re going to back in the next federal election. That’s open. That is obvious. And they have picked this bloke, the Leader of the Opposition, as their candidate.”

Regardless of the merits of the comment (which the boss of ASIO has dismissed as dangerous and divisive from Dutton), it hardly comes as a surprise that China might one someone else in power other than the party that has openly attacked and started trade wars with them.

However, ASIO boss Mike Burgess and former ASIO boss Dennis Richardson have both come out to say that there is no foreign interference within the Australian Labor Party, and sensationalist comments from the likes of Dutton and Morrison do more damage than actual foreign interference in our democracy.

Despite pleas by non-political heads of our spy organisations, the government is today insisting on carrying on like they give a fuck about our national security.

This comes despite the fact they sold one of our most strategically positioned ports to a Chinese company with close links to the Chinese Communist Party in 2015.

“Oh, that was like 7 years ago,” said Dutton about Former Trade Minister Andrew Robb’s advocacy to give Chinese company Landbridge a 99-year lease to the Port of Darwin.

Robb then left politics and took up a lucrative ‘consultancy’ gig with Landbridge less than 12 months later, making who knows how much from helping actual jeopardise our national security.

“I thought everyone had forgotten about that.”

“And I mean, know that you mention it, you can kind of see why we aren’t that keen on a Federal ICAC,” he laughed.

“But there’s an election coming up and we’ve dropped the ball on some many issues because we’ve played politics instead of just doing our jobs, so we need to pretend that we’ll be speaking Mandarin in 12 months if people don’t vote for us.”

More to come.


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