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Brendan Poon’s friends have always known him to be a bit of a fitness fanatic. His mother bought him his first pair of running shoes at age 7 and since then, he’s barely stopped to catch his breath.

The Lyneham local’s penchant for all things cardio has him in his doctor’s good books and his domestic partner of four years, Daphne, says she wouldn’t change a thing about him – almost.

“When he goes on his runs each morning and afternoon, when he gets to a red light he jogs on the spot,” said Daphne.

“It’s pretty fucken lame if you ask me, it’s like: ‘Dude, just stop running for one second. It’s not going to kill you,’ but he does it every time.”

Echoing the 29-year-old Gemini’s sentiments was a long time pal of Brendan’s.

Mark Ellerson told The Advocate that a part of him dies each time he sees Poon waiting to cross at the Northbourne Avenue/Mouat lights.

“It’s like he thinks people will be impressed at his endurance and dedication to the craft of running,” said Mark.

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s good that he does all this fitness shit, it’s just that normal people don’t keep jogging on the spot when they get to a set of lights. It’s creepy and a bit strange.”

“Other than that, he’s a pretty good bloke.”

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