13 January, 2016. 17:45

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MY FATHER TAUGHT ME many things here — he taught me in this room. He taught me — keep your friends close but your enemies closer.

Those immortal words uttered by Michael Corleone struck a cord with one Tweed area man, who decided to invite his only vegan friend to his Australia Day BBQ.

31-year-old Hotel manager Hugh Button has he’s even going to serve up goanna on the country’s birthday, which is a step down from the koala he shot and cut up last year.

“The cops got involved during my last big cook up. Didn’t know koalas were protected. Even if they shit all through your backyard, still can’t shoot ’em,” he said. “But I’ve got the green light from council to throw a lizard on the coals.”

Meat and Livestock Australia’s latest ad campaign has offended the smooth-palmed minority, including countless vegans who feel they’ve had their way of life portrayed negatively. Poking fun at people for what they believe in is a key skill taught to asylum seekers and prospective Australians before they’re allowed into the country.

It’s often regarded as a cornerstone of our culture. Whether you’re a Ford or Holden man, or you eat meat or you don’t – they’ll always be somebody to take the piss out of you.

When asked of he was only fixing to serve bush lizard to spite his vegan chum, Button said “yeah”.

That’s not going to stop his socialist mate, Jim Tolemen and his limp handshake from turning up on the day. He said he knowns what Button’s up to and he doesn’t really care.

“His BBQs are always fun, even the time he got piss drunk in high school and tried to blanche his mother’s guinea pigs,” said Toleman. “I wasn’t even a vegan then and I still thought it was disturbing. Another one of his tricks is to soak the vegetables in blood before he cooks them – just so he can say I’ve eaten meat.”

Button’s BBQ Bonanza kicks off at 1pm on the 26th. He’s opened his doors to everybody in the area. If you’re up in the Tweed region, drop by a 44 Vivian Circuit Elanora Q.





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