14 March, 2016. 16:12

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Finding himself chomping at the bit to get home from work each night, a 58-year-old North Betoota man has revealed his love to The Advocate of watching society decay before his eyes as he watches Married At First Sight.

John Peter Coolidge, of Quokka Place, explained that he can’t believe the fact that we as a nation have descended so far into the ‘cultural port-a-loo’ that a television drama such as this is even considered.

“I mean, it’s shit like this that makes me question wonder what the world would be like if communism won. Would we have things like this? Or would these people, from the bottom drawer of society, be put into gulags or just shot in the street like stray dogs for being a cultural handbrake?” he said.

“So much to think about. Yeah but, nah though. We go ’round teaching kids to put such a high value on marriage, such a high value that the shirt-lifters and gender-benders can’t even do it, then we go and put something like this on television. You know what, that’ll just about do me. I’m buying Austar for the footy, cricket and Sky News,”

“If only Kerry [Packer] could see what’s become of his network.”

The Advocate reached out to the producers of Married At First Sight, but have yet to receive a response.

More to come.



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