The people of Bermuda have paid tribute to the working class men and women of Central Queensland with a statue at the iconic Carribbean holiday destination, Horseshoe Bay.

Famous for it’s pink sandy beaches, the Bermuda government have spent upwards of $40,000 on a new monument in the popular tourist spot on the main island’s south.

“These people are instrumental in the development of our beautiful nation” said Bermuda Governer, John Rankin.

“They have done wonders, in their efforts to scour the Australian landscape for precious resources that end up being indirectly funnelled into our tax haven”

As reported tonight by ABC’s Four Corners, the Australian arm of the global mining giant Glencore has been involved in cross-currency swaps of up to $25bn of a type under specific investigation by the Australian tax office, the Paradise Papers reveal.

The Paradise Papers are the largest leak in history with more than 13.4 million files revealing the workings of the tax haven industry.

Over half of those documents, 6.8 million, emanate from the offshore law firm, Appleby, but the leak also includes roughly half-a-million documents from the Singapore-based Asiaciti Trust and a further 6 million documents from corporate registries located in 19 tax havens.

Appleby’s biggest client is Swiss commodities house Glencore, which pays Appleby $1.5 million a year to administer dozens of special purpose vehicles. This is 10 to 20 times what BHP and Rio Tinto pay for offshore administration.

The Betoota Advocate have spoken to cranky CFMEU delegates from the Mt Isa mines, who insisted that when they say Glencore, we should say grubs.






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