As the gambling addicted, court suit-wearing, fascinator-adoring men and women of Australia prepare themselves for the most important sickie of the year tomorrow, there’s one corner of the Australian online community preparing themselves for a different kind of day out.

And that is, one spent entirely indoors, keyboard at the ready, to let the world at large know that horse racing is evil, and anyone who supports it should see what it’s like to wear a saddle and be whipped accordingly

And while confining the airing of equine-related grievances to that fateful first  Tuesday of November has had little to no impact in the past, Betoota resident Jane Oaksfield is one of literally dozens who aren’t going to let the previous few years of mostly ignored hashtag-fuelled Facebook statuses slow her down.

“Enough is enough,” Oaksfield began via messenger to the Advocate earlier today, taking a break from dusting off last year’s soapbox in preparation for tomorrow’s social media bombardment.

“It’s time this country stood up and acknowledged this evil industry for the blood thirsty sport that it is.”

When asked on why the other 364 days of the year have been horse issue-free on #KONY2012 and the #IceBucketChallengeas personal online activism victories) insisted social issues are only relevant when people are paying slightly more attention to something than the usual zero interest every other day.

“I’m not sure if you understand how hashtags work,” she scoffed.

“But unless an issue is trending, there is no point in vocalising your problems, because otherwise how else are my like-minded brethren going to hear what I have to say about this particular issue at this particular time”<

When quizzed on whether she could wholeheartedly say she had never attended a race-day as young woman, before she became so invested in the trending issues of virtue-signallers, Cooper declined further comment.


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