Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce has been left red-faced this afternoon.

The Member for New England was caught in a bit of situation after he was apprehended at his local supermarket.

The former Deputy PM and former Kiwi citizen was caught by a member of the checkout team trying to pass off 2kg’s of prime rump steak as brown onions.

His actions come after a news article was written this morning portraying Joyce as claiming to be doing it tough on his $211,000 parliamentary salary.

Those calls accompanied a very unNationals like public declaration that Newstart recipients should receive higher payments, which has subsequently been somewhat forgotten in the heat of the moment.

De-escalating the supermarket situation which is believed to have dragged on for some time, Barnaby successfully managed to avoid having the cops called on him because he’s not a local teenager from a rough part of town, and was forced to pay full price for the meat.

Speaking exclusively to The Advocate this afternoon about the situation Barnaby explained that he doesn’t feel too bad about the whole thing.

“Nah fuck em,” he said referring to the supermarket giant, echoing the sentiments of the majority of the nation towards the large company who rips farmers off and gouges customers wherever they can.

“I was just doing my best uni student impression and got caught out.”

“Is what it is, just trying to get one back for farmers of this country.”


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