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The Barefoot Investor, the latest financial self-help book for anyone who lacks a basic understanding of money, has got one Betoota Cove salesman seriously contemplating his next move at a Friday afternoon pub session.

Tom Corcoran (28), has been religiously following Barefoot’s steps for two months now, however, a familiar niggle in his nose is tempting him to throw it all out the window.

“Fuck I wouldn’t mind having a bit of a ski this arvo, boys, what do you reckon?” Asked one of Tom’s friends, adding even more fuel to Tom’s narcotic-craving fire.

It was at this point that Tom excused himself from the table under the guise of using the men’s room, however, what he was really doing was checking his bank accounts, or buckets as Barefoot calls them.

It’s been reported that Tom was then heard muttering to himself like a mad man in the bathroom, saying things like “splurge and fire extinguisher” and then saying, “Fuck it, what Barefoot doesn’t know, won’t hurt him.”

Returning to the table, Tom slyly pressed $300 cash into his friend’s hand whilst saying “we’re on.”

The Advocate understands that the following morning, Tom woke with a thick cloud of guilt surrounding him. Not only did he waste $300 from his splurge account and then continued to spend money he’s allocated to living expenses, but he let down the Barefoot Investor.

Tom says at this rate, he won’t be able to domino his debts and he certainly won’t be able to buy a house in 18 months.

The advocate reached out to Barefoot for further comment, however we understand he’s too busy living it up on a tropical island from the proceeds of over 500,000 people buying into his cult.

More to come.




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