Banksy’s arrest last week was a publicity stunt for his latest documentary to feature Wikileaks founder Julian Assange

21 October, 2014. 14:21

ERROL PARKER | Editor-at-Large | [email protected]

The widely-reported arrest the London-based artist last week was a publicity stunt, which aimed to outline the shortcomings of the modern news cycle.

While Banksy has remained characteristically silent on the incident, sources close to the artist say that the hoax arrest is to be included in a new documentary – made in conjunction with

“Assange and Wikileaks are in on this project,” says one source.

“This film needs to be seen by everybody.”

The first reports of Banksy’s arrest were released by the artist himself, via a number of news outlets.

The Guardian was the first major news organisation to take the bait, followed closely by The Times of London.

This began a domino effect, which resulted in nearly every major news outlet on the planet reporting on the arrest.

The Associated Press was the first to question the veracity of the reports, which initiated a probe in to the first reports.

Within hours, most of the reports of Banksy’s arrest were removed as hastily as they were first posted.

Both The Guardian and The Times have yet to respond to our requests for comment.


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