Matt '360' Colwell has been approached by both KAP and PUP to join their respective parties.


Clancy Overell | Editor-at-Large | [email protected]

23 October, 2014. 13:10

AUSTRALIA’S most prominent rap artist, Matt ‘360’ Colwell has been trending nation-wide since his appearance on ABC’s Q&A this week.

While attracting criticism for his comments about the Australian flag and it’s symbolism as a beacon for young racists, his commentary on the issue and subsequent media activity in the days following has suggested that 360 may be gearing himself up for a career transition.

A Facebook status earlier this morning suggested just that:

“Everyone askin me shit about politics and that. It’s like im the only **** with any idea. They want me to stand up and be a voice in Parliament, I think I’m gonna do it”

“I’ve always been the realest emcee in Oz, maybe its time to be the realest MP”

Colwell spoke to Fairfax Media earlier this year about the fine line between patriotism and racism, after releasing a song on Australia Day in which he rapped:

“I don’t want to have fans that are racist pigs.”

Monday nights program of Q&A showed that amongst academics, 360 was completely out of his depth.

However, on one of the few occasions that he was questioned as an authority, about why he associated the flag with racism, he spoke about seeing “dudes” with their tops off walking around wrapped in the flag on Australia Day who then racially abused people.

He said that he now associated the Australian flag with racism, but that was just him personally.

Angry viewers vented their anger on Colwell’s Facebook page and on Twitter.

“How dare you accuse our nations flag of being a standard for racists and bigots, based on the actions of a minority of our public,” an extract from one post read.

360 responded the following morning on Facebook stating:

“I wasn’t talking about every Australian. I’m not sure why people are so offended. If they are not racists then I’m not talking about them.”

His outspoken and youthful approach to such pressing cultural issues in Australia has made him a target for the ambitious Palmer United Party as well as Bob Katter and his cronies.

Both having made it clear that each of them would welcome him into their respective political parties.

Bob Katter stated:

“I have a deep love for poetry, particularly Australian poetry. I liken Uncle 60 to some of my favourites… Paterson, Lawson… you know, the classics,”

“KAP would be happy to welcome him on board.”

Clive Palmer has said that “360 paired with Lambie and Laz would be good for PUP,”

“Sixty is a wrecking ball of lyrics and opinion. We love that stuff here at Palmer United,”

“I also love his music. ‘Boys like you’ was definitely the hottest track of 2012.”

360 will front a press conference early next week to discuss the career change and if it is something he can see happening in the immediate future.


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