“so long as they are fingerprinted and microchipped”

Oct 21, 2014 16:00

Clancy Overell, Journalist

TODAY it can be announced that ban on face-covering garments such as burkas and niqabs introduced in the Australian parliament has been lifted after just two weeks, following the intervention of Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Current Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop as well as the President of the Senate, Stephen Parry were behind the controversial ban after receiving official security advice, fearing a group in burkas was planning to disrupt parliament.

“I feel this ban was the result of a rushed decision, a person’s identity is an important element to the security of politicians, I can see how Ms Bishop and Mr Parry stuffed this up.”

“I have no problem with face-coverings in Australian Parliament, so long as we can identify each woman, or um, man”

The legislation which would mean that female guests in the Australian Parliament who were considered “persons with facial coverings” were to be directed to galleries usually reserved for noisy schoolchildren, where they could sit behind soundproof glass, away from the public and open seating with other adults.

The ban was condemned by all in opposition as well as both the Islamic community and civil rights groups. Tony Abbott made comments days later suggesting that he did not agree with the ban.

Peta Credlin, Tony Abbott’s Chief Of Staff, is said to have worked tirelessly with Australia’s Islamic community leaders to finally find a solution to this knee-jerk reaction.

Abbott feels that this controversy can now become a thing of the past.

“We got mixed up, we may have been a bit insensitive, I apologise for all that”

“If we can figure out a way to identify these young women, or um, men – without offending them – then they will be more than welcome in Parliament.

“Maybe the best way is through fingerprinting or a microchip system. Who knows, maybe an ankle bracelet. I’ll leave that to the fine men at ASIO”


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