Football has confirmed this morning, that it might stay on tour for just a little bit longer, with a quick trip to Italy on the cards.

This comes after the game revealed it was ‘Coming Rome’ after an incredible conclusion to the European Football Championship, which saw the Italians beat the English on penalties.

The game was sent to spot-kicks after a Leonardo Bonnucci equalizer negated Luke Shaw’s opening goal in the 2nd minute – which had caused England to pack up shop after about 15 minutes of game time.

The game eventually went to the final chapter, with Italy winning the penalty shoutout 3-2 following the English coach’s controversial decision to bring on subs to take the high-pressure kicks.

That heart in mouth finale, which was placed on the shoulders of a 19-year old kid for some reason, saw balance restored to the universe, with the nation of England once again returning to its levels of pre-Euro miserableness.

The world would of course been in for an unbearable few months of gloating from the English fans had they got the job, and returned football home.

However, thankfully, we have been spared that fate, with English tears set to nurture a year of their fans demanding Jack Grealish get a start in the upcoming World Cup.

For now at least, football is not coming home.

More to come.


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