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NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has called on the human sewerage that have spilled out of the Sydney Eastern Suburbs into the Inner West to keep on snitching on elderly people flouting the new lockdown restrictions.

Thousands and thousands of Gen X yuppie dogs and their Boomer masters have moved into suburbs such as Marrickville in Sydney’s inner-south-west corridor and that’s lead to a clash of cultures, the NSW Government said today.

However, as things go increasingly south down south, the Premier has asked the gentrifying wealthy people in those areas to keep on snitching on the elderly people meeting up to play cards.

“My government is trying to form some sort of Volunteer Stasi to keep you all safe,” said Gladys.

“So if you see a group of, say for example, Greek widowers who enjoy meeting up in an apartment in Marrickville once a week to play cards then you must call the police on them,”

“And the police will come and break the party up. Either with expensive fines or telescopic batons. Or both,”

“That’s how serious this virus is. These guys need to understand that if they get the virus, they will probably die.”

More to come.


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