15 September, 2016. 10:15


The Royal Australian Mint announced this morning that it will be releasing a limited edition 50c coin in the New Year that will feature one of Australia’s greatest sportsmen of all time, the Emperor Of Lang Park, Wally ‘The King’ Lewis

The announcement comes after an intense campaign was run to pressure the Mint into putting the greatest sportsman of the 90’s somewhere on our currency. A petition with just over sixteen million signatures were gathered across Australia calling for The King to be included.

“It’s a travesty that a legend of his stature has not been recognised elsehwhere, outside of his bronze statue at Lang Park” said Rowan Giddens, the director of the campaign.

“As Peter Sterling said in the 1980’s – King Wally is the best broken field runner in the game, and also the most handsome by a mile. That moustache used to gives me goose bumps”

“It is a great day for Australia that The King will finally be immortalised for the achievements he had throughout his glorious career.”

A close friend of The King – Steve ‘The Pearl’ Renouf – caught up with The Advocate at The Vic this morning for breakfast beers and to discuss the announcement.

“I reckon it’s the most conspicuous absence in the history of Australia honouring people” said The Pearl while adjusting his headgear.

“The King transcended the game. If it wasn’t for him, I reckon rugby league would have died a slow death years ago. I still get a raging hard-on thinking about that dummie”.

“Him and his bloody beautiful chromed olive skin skull, it’s a fucking beautiful day for Australia”.

“That’s fucking amazing” said Rob Douglas, a tyre-kicker from Logan who happened to be at The Vic at 10am this morning as well.

“Yeah, it doesn’t get much better than that!” said The Vic bar manager Sam Teitzel – “We’ll be putting The King’s picture up all around The Vic tonight and tomorrow night in his honour”.




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