Federal MP, George Christensen has called for immigration to be restricted from countries where political unrest is prevalent.

The Member for Dawson told Parliament that he believes many recent immigrants do not share Australian values, especially the three Muslims who live in his 14,945 square kilometre Electorate in Queensland’s central coast.

Despite his party leader, Malcolm Turnbull, repeatedly describing Australia as the most successful multicultural nation on earth, Mr Christensen told Parliament he was concerned about “the rise of Islamism in this country and those who are willing to commit violence in the name of that ideology”.

Speaking to the Betoota Advocate today, Mr Christensen said the rise of Islam in his electorate has been a very big concern since Kevin Khan opened up a grocery store in 1982.

“These people refuse to assimilate,” says the man who last year called for a Royal Commission into why Sizzlers keep closing down.

“I’ve never seen him at the pub – and his bloody son plays soccer,”

“It’s central f**kin’ Queensland. We don’t play soccer here. That’s not our culture,”

“This is the home of rugby league!”

“I will not have our culture dictated by a family of three highly politicised migrants from fuck knows where,”

Mr Khan has since told the media that while he is Muslim, he was actually born in Mt Isa and hasn’t migrated from anywhere. He also pointed out that his wife used to babysit George Christensen when he was a child.



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