One Nation’s timid flyer printer turned political advisor turned ‘battler bus’ driver, James Ashby has today revealed that he’s not comfortable taking the high beams off – even when an incoming truck is approaching.

As Pauline Hanson makes her ­delayed entry to the Queensland election campaign this weekend, as a new poll shows support for One Nation surging.

Recent polls shows that Pauline Hanson and her party of unchecked xenophobic candidates are pulling upwards of 20 per cent in its regional heartland.

The One Nation leader will take her “battler bus” on tour to regional areas where support for the protest party is concentrated. With James Ashby as driver.

However, despite Senator Hanson’s plan to shift $1.4 billion worth of returns from state government-owned corporations into electricity price subsidies for households, countering a Labor offer to cut $50 from Queenslanders’ power bills, the party has already lost the truckie vote.

“Fuck the lot of them” says local truckie, Royce.

“That little collared shirt cunt nearly caused me to roll my rig with four dogs on the back”

It seems that, despite stern words from Pauline advising Ashby to act like a bushie on the roads, he has refused to play ball.

“It’s scary” he says.

“I don’t feel comfortable”

Ashby seems convinced that the truckie vote is one that One Nation can afford to lose.
“Who cares about them. They are always honking at me and being jerks”
“I plan to make this party an intelligent right-wing superpower. We don’t need these crass unskilled labourers”


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