Friday office banter reached its absolute peak today as a local office worker spent most of the day  using his phone to zoom in on unsuspecting co-workers, before uploading the videos to his personal Instagram stories.

Whether the video ends in the co-worker not even realising, or at the last second noticing what’s going on before offering an exacerbated sigh, it’s all in a day’s work for self-proclaimed Office jester, James Hillpert,

“Fridays are when I can really let my freak flag fly,” said Hillpert, “And my personal favourite is the old, secretly film a colleague going about their normal day, and slowly zooming in until they notice.”

A peak prank in all walks of life really, it’s that moment of realisation on a colleague’s face that he’s been doing it that Hillpert really craves.

“Sometimes I’ll just keep doing it over and over again until I finally get that sweet, sweet recognition that they’ve been GOT.”

Other workers in the office weren’t so jazzed on the prank, with one co-worker who wished not to be named gruffly saying, “At the end of the day it’s an invasion of privacy, and the idea that this wanker is just sitting there filming us all day is weird. Very, very weird.”

“I kinda just wish he’d get some fucking work done,” offered another.

Hillpert won’t be dissuaded, confirming he’s even been saving the videos for an end of year zoom-in-on-unsuspecting-co-workers-best-of-compilation.

“This is comedy gold, and you best believe I’ve been saving every single one of these videos for our Christmas party, along with a few other gags I’ve got up my sleeve.”


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