Kelly Mcdonald’s Instagram Bio pretty much sums up what she is all about.

Writer / Foodie / Traveller / “Be fearless of what pursuits set your soul on fire” it reads.

At just 22, the young Betoota Groves Arts Grad from the Polytechnic is beating a new path in the highly undersaturated world of travel blogging.

Unlike any before her, the creative Gemini has recently quit her new job at a PR agency to “travel the world.”

“You can’t keep a bird in a cage I guess,” she laughed when talking to one of our reporters today.

“But no seriously, I backpacked Europe in my gap year and did Southeast Asia the year after, and then Central and South America the year after that.”

“But, I am going over there (Central America/South America) for way longer to really get a sense of the way of life. Get a bit ‘loco’ you know.”

Mcdonald explained to The Advocate that she started her blog ( because she wanted to show the world to people who aren’t as well travelled.

Seemingly unaware that she isn’t the first person to travel to Asia or South America, Mcdonald told us that because she is going to some places of the beaten track her blog will have a point of difference.

“It’s not like there are thousands of other blogs out there about travelling. That’s why I think this is going to be a great little thing. Maybe I’ll even end up being a travel writer one day,” she laughed.

Read an excerpt of Kelly’s latest post about Mexico City below.

Kelly Mcdonald is best at home on the side of a mountain or on the seat of a plane heading somewhere new. This time round, it’s Mexico City. Mexico City is the capital of Mexico, in Central America, just south of the US border.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love the outdoors and the clean air. That’s why it would surprise people that I love Mexico City! In its hustle and bustle, its crazy, (or ‘loco’ as they say over her) traffic, it’s wild nightlife and it’s random little eating houses, it’s amazing. It might be overwhelming and daunting at the start, I’ll admit that right here and now, but trust me, give it a chance!!!!


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