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ANTI-VACCINATION ADVOCATES have banded together to form a co-op style daycare facility for children battling measles after the nation faces a sharp increase in cases of the highly infectious and often fatal disease – all stemming from the anti-vaxxer movement, which proponents say offers an alternative to government-mandated immunisations.

Helen Wollstein says she felt the ill-effects of being immunised against her will. The 27-year-old mother of four says she could’ve been anything but after going off the rails in high school, she says her erratic teenage behaviour can be chalked up to her being immunised against polio and measles when she was just a toddler.

“Back in primary school, I was often the top of the class,” she said.

“But when I was around 16, everything changed. Suddenly I became disinterested in learning and my focus shifted from English literature and trigonometry to public transport graffiti and dangerous boys. I did some research earlier this year because I was curious about my tragic fall from the top and everything pointed towards me being vaccinated as a baby,”

“I’m not going to rob my children of a future by vaccinating them.”

On the contrary, the evidence against her argument is backed by centuries of scientific research and testing – all paid for by the pharmaceutical lobby, she says. Until a few months ago, her beliefs were entirely defensible under law until the incumbent government introduced the controversial “no jab, no play” scene which effectively banned unvaccinated children from enrolling in the state education system.

“I’m taking the fight all the way to Canberra, or Sydney. Wherever the education department is,” Helen said. “I’m not going to take this lying down.”

After the introduction of the measles vaccine in the 1960s, cases of the desease dropped dramatically. PHOTO: Supplied.
After the measles vaccine became compulsory, cases of the disease dropped dramatically. PHOTO: Supplied.


Leading pro-vaxxer voice Dr Bruce Docker says that Ms Wollstein’s comments are ironic, seeing as though diseases such as polio are treated by lying down in an iron lung. The professor of virology and medicine was also one of the architects behind the “no jab, no play” policy.

Dr Docker agrees that the publication of such medically reckless policy such as Helen Wollstein’s should be made illegal, something he says needs to happen while the Turnbull Government is still in power.

“While it would be technically unconstitutional, people like Ms Wollstein need to be gagged by federal law so their opinions can’t be voice publicay. They’re dangerous to the misinformed,” he said.

“That type of rights violation can only happen under this government. Compared to everything else they’ve done, this should be a walk in the park-style human rights violation,”

“It’s the only way to stop these people,” he added. “If only they would understand what we are trying to do for them.”

The anti-vaxxer measles daycare co-op is scheduled to start trialling a programme early next year. Parents have already begun putting their child’s name down, with many bug-chasing the dangerous measles virus in order to secure a place.

For more information on the controversial immunisation schedule, please visit the government website for a complete list of diseases a child must be immunised against before a state educational facility will let them enrol.


  1. Look, Ms Wollsteins puberty blues could well have been the result of a childhood inoculation – mainly because that inoculation enabled her and her schoolmates to survive through to a healthy puberty….it’s a bit early yet but watch this space for the publication of my next scientific paper where we’ll see that the asteroid/meteor that hit earth and wiped out the dinosaurs was possiblly inoculated at an early age as it passed through the Andromeda galaxy ….

  2. Correlation does not equal causation,but here there is not even correlation.This is a randomly selected set of events labels as causation for one individuals dodgy behaviour at a time when hormones max out.WTF???? Weep ,fans of reason.


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