11 November, 2014. 10:03

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RED HOT CHILLI Pepper’s front man Anthony Kiedis has revealed for the first time that he has grown a breast as a result of soy milk over-consumption.

Doctors have told the 52-year-old that the soy has created a hormonal imbalance which has lead to him growing a B-cup.

The singer told London’s Evening Standard that he starting drinking soy milk in 2002 when he quit heroin cold turkey.

“Heroin was such an important part of who I was and what the music was about,” says Kiedis.

“I tried to fill that gap in my life with soy milk, albeit stupidly,”

The correlation between soy milk and estrogen has been known for decades but researchers have never seen such an adverse reaction as to what they’ve seen with Mr Kiedis.

“He must be drinking a lot of soy milk,” says CSIRO researcher Lars Stevenson.

“We’re talking in upwards of an imperial gallon (4.5L) a day.”

To highlight the threat posed to men by soy milk, Kiedis has lent his name to a Dairy Farmer’s campaign to stop the consumption of soy milk.”

The anti-soy campaign that Anthony Kiedis has lent his name to.
The anti-soy campaign that Anthony Kiedis has lent his name to.”Flea owns a small farm in “semi-rural Bega dairy country” [sic] that we go to sometimes to record,” says Kiedis.
“I’ve met those Aussie dairy farmers and they hate soy milk as much as I do,”

“So with the help of Bob Geldolf, we’ve all banded together to eradicate the threat of soy.” says Keidis.

Serial human rights campaigner Bob Geldolf, says he’s more than happy to get back in the trenches for such a worthy cause.

“I’ve seen soy milk kill thousands of men in West Africa – it gives them hot flushes and mood swings.”

The “Chilli Peppers” have promised to donate half of their earnings from their next mediocre album towards the cause, of which Geldolf plans so siphon off his 10% fee.


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