Since spying an episode one late Wednesday night when she was fifteen, local woman Abbey Halloran has been a die-hard Sex and The City follower.

As her go-to comfort show for whenever life was tough, Abbey has always been able to turn to Carrie and her friends for a much-needed laugh – especially whenever she experienced a dating disaster and needed some relatable content to binge herself better.

When Abbey first heard talks of ‘And Just like That’ she’d initially been skeptical, considering the second Sex and the City movie was a pure dumpster fire. And without her favourite character involved, Abbey was positive the show would be a bust.

Though Sex and The City was at the forefront of boundary-pushing back in the day, it does have a few moments that haven’t aged well – such as Carrie suggesting that bisexuality was merely a faze, which was a pretty close minded opinion for a sex columnist.

But it seems as though past criticism of the lack of depth has resulted in the writers overcompensating to the point where the storylines seem forced, pushing the once central characters to become sidekicks in their own life.

For Abbey, the biggest disappointment with the show is the character assassination of Miranda Hobbes, who was once a strong, compassionate woman at the top of her career but has now devolved into a teenager after being finger banged in the kitchen.

Failing to understand why a woman who was once so adaptive, capable, and open-minded is now acting like a boomer who has never met a black person before, the only conclusion Abbey has been able to make of Miranda’s new personality is that she must be experiencing a midlife crisis. That, or Cynthia Nixon has been in the writing room too much.

In addition to the absolutely callous disregard for poor Steve and Charlotte becoming incredibly unlikeable, Abbey finds herself feeling a little bit depressed after watching a show that once gave her joy. Because if being in her 50s is anything like what’s portrayed in this, it’s all deaf ears, dramatic deaths, droopy dongs, and just generally boring life.

It’s alleged Abbey will continue to watch the series in the hopes they can magically turn it all around in the last episode, or that Aiden will at least have a small cameo.

More to come.


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