A Nokia 3315 has been found inside a Sydney Harbour oyster. It still works. PHOTO: Tom Wolfe/AAP

13 January, 2015. 15:02

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AFTER more than a decade underwater, a Nokia 3315 has been uncovered in full working order.

The antique mobile was uncovered inside an oyster, shucked from Greens Point near Watson’s Bay in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

It was a by-chance discovery – which is sending waves around the world.

Uncovered by a local fisherman, the phone is expected to fetch over $10 000 when it goes under the hammer next week at Sotheby’s Auction House.

One local resident said that he was aware that a phone was “lost overboard” from a boat spectating the 2001 Sydney Ferry Race – but he wasn’t sure if it was a Nokia or Motorola.

Officials from Nokia are working hard to verify the discovery after similar hoaxes have surfaced in the past.

“Should this turn out to be a legitimate discovery, it would be ground-breaking,” said a Nokia spokesman.

The original owner of the phone has been contacted by the telecommunications giant and was “delighted” to be reunited with her old phone.

However, despite there being “absolutely nothing wrong” with her old Nokia, she says she’d rather keep on user her current phone.

“It’s nice to have old bluey back. But it’s 2015. The only use that phone has is a paperweight at a Newtown cafe,” she said.

“Besides, I lost it when I was 15 – you should read the messages. I couldn’t stop cringing.”

Information on the auction has been listed on the official website with the owner promising to donate the proceeds to Sydney Harbour Trust.

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EDIT: Sotheby’s has since made this a “private auction” and asks interest buyers to contact them directly. (15:06)


  1. My daughter gave me her old 3315 many years ago, and it’s still my only (mobile) phone. As long as it keeps working, I’ll be happy to hang on to it for the next 20 years!


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