20 November, 2016. 11:34

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WHILE THERE MAY NOT be a quick fix for Sydney’s fledgeling nightlife industry, the ‘night mayor’ of Amsterdam recommends the ball can get roll by removing Jesus from politics and replacing Him with a cold schooner of rum and coke.

Mirik Milan has been the Dutch capital’s night mayor since 2012. In the four years he’s held the position, the canal city has become a safer and economically successful for small bars and clubs.

His advice to the to the governing powers of Australia’s largest city is to separate the church from the nightlife industry and make sugary, caffeinated drinks available on tap.

“It’s a simple as that,” explained Milan.

“When you put the teachings of Jesus and all that into state and federal laws, you tend to put people offside. The last time I checked, Australia is a developed, first world country – meaning that there shouldn’t be many ‘Christians’ left to ruin the fun,”

“My advice to publicans is to put Bundy Rum draught back on and send all the ‘drug-detection dogs’ to the farm. Take the cross off the wall and replace it with a picture of Bon Scott’s mooseknuckle.”

The Advocate reached out the NSW Government for comment, but has yet to receive a reply.

More to come.




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