The Indonesian island of Bali has long been a favourite destination for sun-loving Australian families, particularly if the key bread-winner works FIFO in the mines.

The resorts make it easy for you no matter what age your kids are, with babysitters on call for littlies, kids clubs for pre-teens and plenty of watersports for teens, it’s the perfect holiday location to drag your kids out of school mid term and put them on the back of a jet-ski for your weeks off work.

With Christmas around the corner, Australian travel agents Flight Centre have pulled out all bells and whistles on a new family bali package. Including two cartons of duty free clove cigarettes, a Smirnoff gift basket and cheap corn rows for volatile. pre-teen daughters who hate the smell of the place.

“What we wanted was for Australians to get the true Bali experience at an affordable price” says Flight Centre spokeswoman, Sun Tanh.

“I mean, it’s pretty cheap over there to begin with. It’s our little Mexico, really.

“…But most people just want to stay in the resorts the whole time so it’s important we can provide these perks without them having to leave the compound”

Local Bali enthusiast, Brad Shayler (35) says he can’t wait to get to Bali this year and get a gutful of Bintang and satay chicken.

“It’s gonna be so grouse”

“Flight Centre have hooked us up so the moment we roll in, it’s an air conditioned car to the resort and then I’ll just hand the girls over to these old Balinese birds to start braiding their hair.”

“They hate seafood so we get them a few pizzas off the bat”

“I can literally go straight to a sun chair and get stuck into some fruit juice and vodka. I don’t even need to hear the complaints about how much the braids are hurting their head”

“There’s plenty for the boys, too. I might take Nathan and Bryden to the rifle range again. It’s inside the resort too so I don’t have to deal with these beggars tugging on my singlet asking for change”



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