7 June, 2017. 13:23

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Speaking to The Advocate via an end-to-end encrypted messenger app, an Albanian teenager who enjoys circumventing Australia’s copyright laws has revealed how he’s once again outsmarted a room of lawyers trying to stop him.

Pavel, who chose to remain anonymous, said that our nation’s broadcasters can block as many URLs as they want – he can make new ones just as quickly.

“They have to go to Federal Court, I understand, to have these URLs blacklisted, then the ISPs have like a month to comply,” wrote Pavel.

“But I can just change the website in about 10 minutes. For example, PutLocker can become PootLocker in a matter of minutes, but it’ll take them months and thousands of dollars to catch up. There’s not much to it.”

A local copyright and intellectual property lawyer has all put confirmed what ‘Pavel’ told The Advocate this afternoon, saying that while it must be difficult and annoying for broadcasting, it’s a good time to be in his trade.

Luca Dalrymple, a junior solicitor at Monroe Taylor & Collins in Betoota’s French Quarter said that being a copyright lawyer with a major streaming service on retainer is akin to a small prospecting company stumbling across a mountain of iron ore.

“Copyright law is basically the new mining engineering. Get in while the getting’s good, guys,” he said.

“It won’t last forever, soon they’ll amend the legislation to make it less painful, but Jesus Christ. I’ll be in an M3 by Christmas at this rate.”

More to come.


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