7 June, 2017. 13:23

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A local capital markets project assistant manager at a North Betoota investment bank has spent the overwheliming majority of his afternoon trying to wrap his head around the current situation in the Middle East, in particular, why they’ve all cut diplomatic ties with Qatar.

Michael Annerly understands that the gas-rich peninsula has done something bad, such as supported extremist groups and paid ransoms to Iran, or something like that, but what he can’t grasp why that’s cause for such dramatic action.

Earlier this week, seven Arab nations cut diplomatic ties with Qatar over developments that the country harboured terrorist groups and suggested that they supported Iran, which heavily frowned upon.

“Everyone is talking about how fucked everything is over there,” said the 27-year-old banking journeyman

“I tend to agree but I don’t understand why. They’re all off Qatar for some reason. It’s all over the news and the internet but nobody has done a good job on explaining it to me, you know?”

“Maybe I’m just a bit slow on the uptake. Maybe the Saudis have their tail up in the air after Trump’s visit. Who knows? [shrugs] I just feel a bit dumb.”

The Advocate offered to put Mr Annerly in touch with a Professor of Middle Eastern Studies at the East Betoota TAFE college, but he ultimately turned down the offer saying he didn’t really care that much, he just felt obligated to know what was going on.

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  1. It’s just the catholics vs the protestants again, but with browner skin and a language that sounds like spitting.


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