The inner-Sydney-based staff at the public broadcaster’s head office in Ultimo are today questioning their personal mission statements, after coming across someone who spends most of his life west of the Drummoyne bridge.

It is believed that three-levels of staff had their faces pressed against the glass screens that overlook the lobby of the ABC Ultimo headquarters to get a look at the 35-year-old diesel fitter.

“Look at the colours on that shirt” gasped one middle aged transcriber, who’s job become redundant six years ago which has allows her more time to complain about pub noise in Balmain while on full payroll.

As the man wanders towards the last remaining ABC gift shops, half-hearted security guards hover from a distance.

“Do you think he’s lost?” asks Richard Kingsmill.

“Someone should call Michelle – she used to meet people like this when she worked for Foxtel”

While the suspicious V8 fan inspects Dr Who aprons, an inspiring cadet journalist on work experience after graduating from a nearby selective school takes the chance to interview the rare subject.

“Excuse me sir, what are your views on Australia Day?” asks the amatuer named Rochelle, as hundreds of staff eavesdrop through the echoing hallows of the one billion dollar building.

Fifteen minutes later, the entire national headquarters can’t believe what they are hearing.

“I didn’t know Australia Day offended people” says Gary, the die-hard Casey Stoner fan.

“Thanks for telling me. I’ll have to have a think about that. I’m just here helping on my kids excursion”

Rochelle continues probing with questions about life outside the craft-beer-belt.

“I actually heard a bit about that gay marriage thing, but didn’t know it was such a big deal, either” says Gary.

“I didn’t know about the lock-out laws either, I guess people just behave themselves in Mudgee”





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