Andy Picton, also known as, MC Beer&Mates says the fire still burns within him, but he isn’t so sure about the future anymore.

Bordering on middle age, the once prominent graffiti artist/breakdancer/Australian hip hop rapper told the Advocate today that he has serious concerns about the younger generations coming through the ranks.

“Man these guys, they don’t even know what it’s all about. They are all about house parties and politics. In my day it was about being a proud Aussie who loves barbeques” he said.

“Majority of my LPs were about punching on, pissing off train guards and having a good time in Summer with my other mates”

The self-described ‘OG’ of Australia’s once bustling, predominantly Melbourne and Adelaide based hip hop community says he’s sick of seeing not acknowledging the rich culture he helped create.

“The scenes gone to shit, all it is now is just little punks tagging trains with black spray paint. There isn’t any meaning to any of it. They aren’t standing up for anything or fighting against the fascist train guarfs.”

The part time trivia host says that he sees himself as a local Banksy, trying to push people to confront uncomfortable truths about our society with his art.

When The Advocate spoke with a 15 year old “Graf Artist” from the Blue Mountains who goes under the tag “SKrilla” about the scene in his area, he said it’s alive and well.

“Yeah, old head alert”

“These old codgers need to shut up. Who the hell knows where to get speed from nowadays”


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