In a move applauded by ex-private school boys across the country as a God send, Twiggy Forrest has confirmed that he will throw his weight behind the embattled Western Force.

The mining billionaire has a long history of donating to charity and said earlier this year that he will give $400 million back to the people, after taking immeasurable amounts of wealth from the ground over the last couple of decades.

However other charitable organizations in the space have raised concerns with the deal, claiming there are probably more worthy causes around.

Tim Costello from World Vision Australia said that whilst it is great to see “Twiggy” acting philanthropically, there are much more hungry people in South East Asia or Africa more deserving of the aid.

“The thing for me about it is, really most of this guys aren’t even raised in the West. They are flown over from Sydney or Brisbane a couple of years after graduating from the elite private schools over there,” he said.

The ARU has been slow in responding to the claims, as usual, stating that they will probably be having a meeting in the next fortnight to discuss what their position on the issue.

CEO of the Australian Rugby Union (ARU) Bill Pulver said that he could be open to the donation as long as it doesn’t go anywhere near grass roots rugby.

More to come.


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