Around town sound guy Jeff Neve was overheard at soundcheck for the Betoota High
School annual Battle of The Bands, lecturing year 12 band Demi and The Undertones
about their lack of professionalism.

“Did you know I used to tour with The Crawl?!?” yelled Jeff as lead singer Demi did his best
to ignore him and help his band mate load the drums on stage.

‘None of this shit would have flown back then’ huffed Jeff, one of 10,000 soundies around the country currently telling some aspirational young rocker that they were roadies for Australian Crawl.

‘You guys are a joke and you were late to sound check, good luck’ he sniggered

It was reported that while Jenny, the new bassist in Demi and The Undertones did her best
to explain to Jeff that they had maths class and had gotten there as quickly as possible, Jeff just
shook his head and laughed whilst repeating the phrase ‘so unprofessional’ and ‘the crawl’

It was later noted that towards the end of soundcheck, Jeff had decided to duck up the
road for happy hour beers as he was sick to death with dealing with such amateurs.

Despite this, Demi and The Undertones have appeared to have made the finals and we
here at Betoota Advocate wish them the best of luck.


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