The loudest political opponent of the upcoming referendum is going all out this week, as the leader of the Liberal Opposition continues his calculated attack on the Indigenous Voice proposal in partnership with his close friends at the Murdoch newspapers and Sky News.

Peter Dutton, a former Queensland cop who was employed in the Fortitude Valley police station at the same time that those colleagues of his made headlines for kidnapping several Aboriginal kids from Brisbane’s inner-city and driving them to the industrial mangrove outskirts of Pinkenba and confiscating their shoes while threatening to cut their fingers off and then leaving them to walk 15 kilometres home in the dark, says he is deeply worried that an Indigenous Voice To Parliament will cause division.

This new and improved push for ‘unity’ is a surprise coming from Peter Dutton, who has previously made no effort to hide his burning desires to see families torn apart.

As the former Immigration Minister who oversaw the tortured and stateless asylum seekers who repeatedly lighting themselves on fire in his offshore refugee camps, and as the former Home Affairs minister who spent close to $96 million dollars to deport two young children from the rural Queensland town of Biloela.

The two children have since been allowed to stay in the country after Dutton was relieved of his job in May last year, but not without nearly a hundred million tax payer dollars being spent on ensuring they spent their childhood in a cage.

Their parents Nadesalingam and Priya had lived in the remote Queensland town of Biloela for several years where they had become valued community members. That was until Australian Border Force officers, police and Serco guards raided their home at dawn in 2017, taking the husband and wife and their two Australia-born children into custody in separate vans like some sort of Gestapo jackboots.

The Tamil family of four who were then deported from central Queensland town, before becoming sole inmates in the Christmas Island Immigration centre – which costed millions to re-open, while also spending millions on legal fees to get as close as possible to violating their human rights without UN intervention.

At the time of the 2022 Federal election, the government was still spending upwards of $30,000 per day keeping the Biloela family on Christmas Island – which costs a lot more than having just let their dad keep his job in the meat works to begin with and helping them through the clerical error that saw their visa expire for 24 hours before Dutton decided to make an example of them.

However, almost 18 months after finding himself out of government as leader of the Opposition, Dutton is rebranding as someone who support unity and not division! Which is why he wants Australians to vote NO against an Indigenous Advisory body in Parliament. Something his party had previously supported before they were crushed by 20 seats at a Federal Election and lost all of their brightest young brains.


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